Monday, 13 July 2009

Mr. Woo turns Two

It was Felix's second birthday on Saturday. I think with us eagerly awaiting Iris's arrival it sort of crept up on us and was suddenly there - that my baby boy really isn't a baby anymore.

He had a great day and now completely understands the concept of birthdays and the fact that he gets spoilt rotten on them! We haven't taken his birthday banner down yet and every day since he's come downstairs and said "Birthday!" then made a slightly disappointed noise when there are no presents.

He got an absolute truckload of goodies - I have no idea where we're going to put them all. His favourite seems to be a trike bought for him by Andy and Amy, though he can't reach the pedals yet so wants to be pushed around on it all the time. He got loads of great garden stuff, so I hope we get some more good weather for him to use them.

His party was lots of fun - the weather wasn't great but the kiddies didn't mind. Tejon very kindly dried the slide with the seat of his dungarees, and the rest of them got rather wet and muddy while the parents huddled indoors and under the gazebo. Felix was a little overwhelmed at first but soon loved being the centre of attention and managed to go all day without even a hint of a strop - good going considering he didn't have a nap!

His presents lasted him well into the next day, and we're still eating fairy cakes today, so all in all a good weekend! I'm exhausted though!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Flat Stanley and more

Yesterday we decorated our Flat Stanley, sent to us by Nance from ITNO who homeschools her daughter Alexa and is sending Flat Stanleys out all over the world while they are reading the book (which incidentally I loved as a child). The idea is that you decorate Stanley and then take him out and about with you, take some photos and send them back for Nance to put on her blog: Travels with Flat Stanley. Felix helped colour him in and chose the stickers and their placement. We decided to put him in swimming trunks like Felix's to show how nice and warm it's been here recently.

We plan on taking pictures with him on Felix's birthday but may take some beforehand too. It's a fun idea. The main question now though is do we cut him out for easy placement, thus losing the lovely background (including Felix's somewhat random sticker choices) or leave him on the paper?

One of Felix's current obsessions is washing his hands. He'll chase me to the bathroom squealing just to wash them, and seems to think I don't know he just wants to play with the water. I took these pictures of him looking cheeky when I discovered him in there for the millionth time yesterday,a and then we took a few self-portraits in the mirror, though Felix wanted to take them himself:

The weather has been glorious recently. I don't want to sound like a miserablist but it's actually been a bit too hot for me. I'm sure people will hate me for it but I wouldn't mind a cooler day! Anyway, Felix has loved being out in the garden, particularly enjoying the slide Mum and Dad got him for his birthday. We've had a few days out, barbecues and the like, and have generally been enjoying it.

Iris is getting big. Well, she was big to start off with but she's even bigger. I was in the lift at H&M today and a woman with a baby asked how old she was then looked surprised when I said ten weeks. Her own baby was more than three months and considerably smaller and more newborn-looking. Ha. She's holding her head really well now and has the most beautiful smile - it really lights up her whole face.

I'm trying to think of what we've been up to recently and drawing a blank, so instead of wittering away as I appear to be doing now, I think I'll post a gazillion pictures instead. Surprise surprise. A few are from my phone, so please forgive the bad quality but they were ones I really liked so wanted to share.